Job Offer

Weekend Learning Publishers is ready to launch an online Islamic Studies course for students. The course will provide pre-recorded video classes based on the lessons from the Islamic Studies textbooks published by the company.

Job Description:

This is a short, 30-45 days contract job. During this period, each candidate will record 40 to 50 video presentations. Qualified candidates will video record Islamic Studies lessons from the comfort of their homes. The candidate will read out PowerPoint slides in a clear, nice, and pleasant voice. The PowerPoint slides will be provided. All candidates will present themselves in decent attire of their choice that does not have any visual slogans on the attire. Female candidates will have to present themselves wearing headscarves.

Each candidate will record 40-50 video presentations on their laptops. The duration of each presentation will vary, but they should be between 20 to 35 minutes long. In some cases, they could be 40 minutes or a little longer. The recording will be done using OBS software. Training and necessary setup will be provided to be successful.

Qualifications and necessary skills

The following skills and qualifications are necessary to be successful in the assignment.

  1. Commitment to finish the assignment in the given time of 30-45 days or less.
  2. English speaking skills with no strong or native accent
  3. Pleasant personality
  4. Willingness to speak in front of a webcam
  5. Ability to speak in front of the webcam in a steady, nice, and pleasant voice
  6. Prior teaching or public speaking experience is welcome, but it is not necessary
  7. Age: Any age, preferably between 20 years and 60 years

Tools provided

Webcam and lapel microphone will be provided. OBS software will have to be downloaded and installed on the candidate’s laptop. Training will be provided.


This is a contract job requiring 30-45 days commitment. Please apply stating the expected remuneration for each of the 40-50 videos. Payment will be made upon successful completion and submission of all the videos. The videos must meet the standard we set up during the initial trial recording.  A 5-minutes long video sample of your speaking is welcome at the time of application, but not necessary at the time of application. Subsequently, it will be required at the time of the remote interview.

Send your application to