Our Authors

Husain A. Nuri, MS, MBA

Husain Nuri has been deeply involved with Islamic education for last 15 years. He held senior administrative positions in several financial institutes. The books produced by Weekend Learning were developed when he was a principal of a prominent Islamic School. He has authored about 25 books on Islam. He manages day-to-day operations of Weekend Learning. Currently, he is working on several Islamic books for children, and a commentary on the Qur'an. Husain Nuri was raised in a devout Sunni family in India.

Mansur Ahmad, BDS, PHD

Mansur Ahmad is a radiologist and professor at the University of Minnesota. Due to his contribution to academics, he received Professor of the Year award from the University of Minnesota. This is the highest honor given by the dental school once in a life-time of a faculty member. He is past- president of American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology. Many of the books produced by Weekend Learning were developed when he was associated with of a major Islamic School in Minnesota. His first Islamic Book, "Finest Prayers: Du'a from the Holy Qur'an' was sponsored by the Islamic Center of Minnesota in 2003. Apart from his mother tongue, which is Bangla, he is also fluent in four languages. He has been a visiting professor to several universities, including King Saud University, Riyadh, and Ain Shams University, Cairo. Dr. Ahmad received his Islamic education under the direct supervision of renowned Islamic scholar and translator of the Qur'an, Dr. Zohurul Hoque.

Mohammad Arif

Mohammad Arif was born in Afghanistan, where he received his foundation of Islamic education. For last 20+ years, he has been active in teaching Islam to the Muslim children of Springfield, IL and Columbus, OH. He works for the State of Ohio. He is an active Member of Boards at Noor Islamic Cultural Center, Dublin, OH.