Weekend Learning Islamic Studies Level 6 Textbook
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Islamic Studies Level 6 (Revised & Enlarged Edition)

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The Level 6 Islamic Studies book from Weekend Learning Publishers is intended for children ages 10–12 who have completed the Level 5 book from Weekend Learning or who have a similar knowledge base of Islam.

Like other books in the series, the Level 6 Islamic Studies book contains a vast range of topics. Unit 1 begins with several lessons on the Creator, His promise, His books and His Teachings. Unit 2 covers some topics on the Qur'an and Hadith while Unit 3 looks into the Fundamentals of Deen. Unit 4 covers the lives and mission of several Messengers of Allah with a focus towards understanding the legacy of their faith and character. Unit 5 introduces topics related to three illustrious women of Islam. Unit 6 covers topics on the invisible to provide an understanding of ruh, nags, angels, jinn and shaitan. Unit 7 includes practical information about our current society while Unit 8 looks into developing Islamic values.

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Page: 240
Binding: Paperback

ISBN : 978-1-936569-62-5

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