Message of Islam - Workbook - Level 3

Message of Islam - Workbook - Level 3

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This book is in press now. Will be available in July 2024, Insha-Allah

Use the workbook to sharpen your child's skills through carefully selected quizzes and chapter-based activities. 

Islamic Studies—Student Workbook—Level 3 is designed to complement the Message of Islam textbook for this level. The workbook has a large number of test questions to cover each lesson comprehensively. Thought-provoking quizzes will help students reinforce learning and build a meaningful integration of the materials in the textbook. The workbook will also enhance test-taking skills and prepare students for advanced learning. 

Please remember that effective and meaningful repetition is key to reinforcing learning, and student workbooks provide the perfect platform for consistent practice. Educators all over the world believe employing workbooks is very effective in reinforcing concepts and theories that have been learned.

Page: 152
Binding: Paperback 

ISBN : 978-1-936569-85-4

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